January 3, 2010

New Beginnings

A Gathered Pullover. My first project of 2010, which I plan (hopefully now, fingers crossed!) to have completed in the next 2-3 weeks. It seems simple enough; knit in the round, simple stockinette (which I can easily do while reading or watching a show), one section of cabled detail for interest... I feel like I'm setting myself up here, but we'll see.


I started this New Year's Day. Late in the day obviously as it's hard to motive after late night of champagne and a bit of whiskey. Also, a 3 a.m. bedtime is not conducive to swatching or the math needed to adjust gauge. It's going pretty quickly though.

The yarn is a pretty pale gray-blue I recycled from a thrifted sweater. The yarn itself is a bit loose, but should tighten back up with a good soak. The original sweater was massive; an extra-large with an all-around cable motif. Craig helped me rip it out one night last year and it made 6 nice-sized yarn cakes. Thinking back, this may have been the first time I used the ball-winder he gave me for Christmas and I can safely say that it proved it's worth in one go. The yarn was originally intended for a February Lady Sweater, but I quickly grew bored with that pattern, and the yarn returned to a pretty, wound, cake-state. Needless to say, this yarn is due to be used!

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