January 10, 2010

Simple Knits

I'm enjoying this knit, this Gathered Pullover. It's moving along quickly. I should be finished with the cable and have the fronts done by next weekend.


I've become a fan of the Hana Jason patterns published in Interweave knits these past few years. I loved the everyday simplicity of the Woven Bands Pullover and, obviously, the Gathered Pullover. However, what really caught my attention, was her Estes Vest. I'm waiting on that one though. First, I think most folks have some issues with the pattern and the finished pieces look a bit on the saggy or bulgy side. Second, if I can't wear my Estes Vest while romping around an old shingled farmhouse, like the model pictured, I don't know if I want it. I may change my mind. The Berkshires are cold and vests can be worn pretty much year round.

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